Tim Johnson

I popped into this business a little while ago to be greeted by a young fella. I wanted a quote to coat my new MY20 STI RSpec. The staff member made me feel awkward for being there. He said that they were far too busy and that they wouldn’t be able to do my car until early 2021. I’m super happy that this business is busy during these trying times. The quote I was given was 50% higher than a quote that was given to my friend for exactly the same job. Both cars were brand new, and my friends car was the same size. It seems like they set their pricing based on if they know you or not. I’ve given this feedback to the Ceramic Pro HQ. This business looks like it does some brilliant work, but in my experience, they are lacking in customer service. I ended up going to a competitor who offered Kamikaze coatings. Their prices are set. So I liked their customer service and consistency. I wish Eye Candy all the best. I’m not expecting anything in return nor am I expecting a call or email. I just think it’s important to have feedback like this to grow from. All the best guys.