Quang Tran

I have been going to Eye Candy Detailing for many years. I was referred to Adam by my brother in law, and have since referred many others to the business.
Everyone has been extremely happy with his work.

He does a fantastic job and is a perfectionist. His attention to detail, makes sure that every job leaves the car’s pristine, and better than new.

Besides his work ethic he has been extremely helpful and courteous in all our dealings.

I have a friend whom was widowed and I told Adam the story, while he was working on her car. He refused to charge me for the labour and only allowed me to pay for the products used.

Again when someone vandalised my car. Only a short time after he had detailed it. Adam spent a day restoring my bonnet to new. He refused to take any money.

He is a top bloke and I would recommend him to anyone. His prices are fair and if you are very lucky you will walk away with an amazing new friend.