Ceramic coating for cars and motorbikes has evolved over the past 10 years in a really big way. The technology available to professional workshops is fantastic. Whilst our core business is protecting new and used vehicles, quality Ceramic Coating can be applied to more surfaces than just automotive paint. We have ceramic coated cars, buses, bikes, boats, jet skis, caravans, planes, helicopters, workshop benches, you name it!

Having a quality coating applied to your surface will ensure it remains easy to clean, stay cleaner longer, offer great chemical resistance from every day detergents to harsher acids and bird droppings, add fantastic gloss and slick feel, and outlast any traditional wax or paint sealant by a mile.

Unlike waxes and sealants, Ceramic Coating forms a permanent bond with your vehicles surface by filling the pores with nanoparticles as opposed to sitting on top of the surface, making them much more durable and longer lasting. Once applied correctly they will provide you with many years of protection and trouble free maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying the things you love.

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