Paint protection film or PPF is the ultimate form of protection for your surface. Using quality instant self healing films, it provides a physical barrier against mechanical damage such as scratches and abrasion, rock chips, and is safe from wash scratches and marring, chemical resistant etc. The thickness of PPF is generally thicker than your Automotive paint and the best protection money can buy. Our car paint protection film are super glossy and enhance colour depth, are already ceramic coated offering great water beading for that ease of cleaning, and the best of all is the self healing ability so every time you clean your car it will essentially look completely imperfection free without any nasty swirls or light abrasion marks. It’s best suited for people that spend a lot of time highway driving that are more prone to rock chips, enthusiasts who simply want the best protection available, vehicles which frequent the track or hills and of course 4×4 enthusiasts that want the best protection for hitting narrow tracks without getting those unwanted pinstripes.

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