Essential Post Detail Car Care Tips For Washing and Drying Your Vehicle After a Treatment

Essential Post Detail Car Care Tips For Washing and Drying Your Vehicle After a Treatment

Once your vehicle has received the Eye Candy treatment it doesn’t stop there. After care on your vehicle is very important in maintaining your coating and paints finish, and avoiding or reducing the chances of imperfections caused by improper washing and drying techniques is our first priority. Part of the Eye Candy experience is educating our customers on how to care for their vehicles, so they can enjoy ownership of their pride and joy or daily commuter as much as possible. Here are some of the essential post detail car care tips for washing and drying your vehicle after a treatment.


Simple things we highly recommend when washing is pre-soaking with foam, preferably with a high-pressure washer and a foam gun, allowing the foam to dwell for a few minutes and then high-pressure rinsing. This procedure on a Ceramic Pro coated vehicle will remove the bulk of dirt and grime prior to even touching the vehicle with a wash mitt, reducing the chance of those nasty fine swirl marks in your paint. If clean enough to begin with, it’s likely now you can go ahead and dry your vehicle with a large microfibre drying towel without even washing the car at all. However, on those darker coloured vehicles or any vehicle that still has dirt and grime remaining, we recommend washing with a mitt and two bucket wash method. This is very simple and involves a bucket of soap and a bucket of clean water, starting with the top surfaces and going from front to back, simply dunk your mitt in the soap, do one panel from top to bottom using very light pressure, dunk the mitt into the clean water bucket too rinse, dunk back into the soap and repeat on the next panel until the car is washed. By doing so your soap bucket will remain clean, your mitt is clean each time you touch the car, and you’re not spreading dirt and grime from one panel to the next by doing only one panel at a time. Followed by another rinse down to remove remaining soap, you can go ahead and dry with your microfibre towel. All of the above instructions should be done in the shade where possible.


Drying is also very simple. We recommend the use of a large microfibre drying towel, using very light pressure and letting the weight of the cloth to do all the work, and as with most detailing procedures starting from top to bottom and front to back. Once all panels have been dried we highly recommend blowing all crevices and door jams that hold any water, this reduces the chances of watermarks and runs after driving your car. You can use compressed air if you have a compressor, or an electric leaf blower will do the trick as well.

After Drying

The use of “quick detailer sprays” is highly recommended to remove drying streaks, as well as adding a thin film on top of your coating to help reduce contamination bonding, adding gloss and slick feel to touch. There are so many good products on the market for this purpose and many enthusiasts have their favourites. We are happy to tell you what we recommend.