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Subaru WRX Ceramic Coating

The Subaru WRX is a sport compact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Subaru, known for its all-wheel drive capability. The Hawkeye was introduced in 2006, featuring a sleek and aggressive front-end design along with distinctive headlights. This iteration of the WRX not only boasted aesthetic enhancements but also showcased substantial improvements under the hood, including a larger engine and increased power output. As a result, the Hawkeye WRX became an even more formidable driving machine.

Very recently we had the privilege of having this Classic JDM Subaru WRX Hawkeye in the shop for a mighty ceramic coating for paint protection and installation of a special stripe kit which made it looking absolutely stunning.

Our workshop located in Norwood is equipped to deal with all vehicle cosmetic and protection needs from full PPF wrap work (paint protection film), vinyl wrapping, decals, signage, commercial signage, ceramic paint protection, window tint and more. If you are interested in something like this Subaru WRX Ceramic Coating, Hit us up via our contact page to talk about your needs and speak to one of our friendly team.

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