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Eye Candy Detailing ISF Full Exterior Paint Correction & Protection Package – Ceramic Pro

We finally had an opportunity to treat the Eye Candy IS F with an exterior paint correction. It received a multiple stage paint correction processes to remove fine swirl marks and marring, enhance gloss and colour depth.

Once the paint was fully prepped it received x2 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H paint protection- a very strong and durable protective coating as a base, followed by a layer of Ceramic Pro Light to further enhance gloss and promote a slick feeling to touch.

Our workshop located in Norwood is equipped to deal with all vehicle cosmetic and protection needs from full PPF wrap work (paint protection film), vinyl wrapping, decals, signage, commercial signage, ceramic paint protection, window tint and more. Hit us up via our contact page to talk about your needs and speak to one of our friendly team.

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