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Audi R8 Ceramic Coating

This stunning Audi R8 was presented to us in quite a poor condition in terms of paint imperfections and wash damage. It was very dull and lacklustre thanks to many years of poor wash techniques which ultimately swirl up the paint so bad it takes away all the colour depth and gloss.

The new owner clearly wanted this remedied, so he dropped it off with Eye Candy Detailing for an extensive paint correction treatment. We machine polished the vehicle in multiple stages, slowly but surely removing all the nasty swirls and restoring the paints original look.

Once restored we applied Ceramic Pro paint protection which is a long lasting permanent bond ceramic coating, adding awesome gloss and a slick hydrophobic surface that beads water exceptionally well, reducing washing and drying time dramatically.

Come and see us at Magill Road Norwood for the leaders of paint protection in Adelaide.

Our workshop located in Norwood is equipped to deal with all vehicle cosmetic and protection needs from full PPF wrap work (paint protection film), vinyl wrapping, decals, signage, commercial signage, ceramic paint protection, window tint and more. If you are interested in something like this Audi R8 Ceramic Coating work, hit us up via our contact page to talk about your needs and speak to one of our friendly team.

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