Paint Protection Film Mercedes C63s AMG

Paint Protection Film Mercedes C63s AMG

This newly acquired C63s AMG came straight off the showroom floor to visit us for a full body PPF wrap. Utilising Premium Shield Elite Self-healing paint protection film, and precise digitally cut pattern software with our in-house Graphtec plotter.

Our customers primary concern- like many of our customers who are a bit time poor, was that he frequents high turnover car wash cafe’s and was worried about receiving unwanted marring and scratches. A visit to our showroom in Norwood and a visual demonstration of the self-healing abilities of our paint protection film was enough to convince him that wrapping his car was the best solution for him and protecting his investment.

The vehicle is now protected against poor washing and drying techniques that cause unsightly swirl marks, bird poo, tree sap, carpark door scratches, rock chips etc. The best protection money can buy for his beast.

With vehicles like this C63 AMG being dulled down by manufacturers in future models, people are hanging onto them and rightly so, spending the money to protect them for resale value and peace of mind

If you are considering clear wrapping your 4×4, exotic, daily commuter please come and visit us, we are happy to demonstrate the benefits of having a professional paint protection film wrap installed on your pride and joy such as this paint protection film for Mercedes C63s AMG.


You can find some technical information about Premium Sheild paint protection film here