Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film or PPF is the ultimate form of protection for your surface. Using quality instant self healing films, it provides a physical barrier against mechanical damage such as scratches and abrasion, rock chips, and is safe from wash scratches and marring, chemical resistant etc. The thickness of PPF is generally thicker than your Automotive paint and the best protection money can buy. Our car paint protection film are super glossy and enhance colour depth, are already ceramic coated offering great water beading for that ease of cleaning, and the best of all is the self healing ability so every time you clean your car it will essentially look completely imperfection free without any nasty swirls or light abrasion marks. It’s best suited for people that spend a lot of time highway driving that are more prone to rock chips, enthusiasts who simply want the best protection available, vehicles …

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars and motorbikes has evolved over the past 10 years in a really big way. The technology available to professional workshops is fantastic. Whilst our core business is protecting new and used vehicles, quality Ceramic Coating can be applied to more surfaces than just automotive paint. We have ceramic coated cars, buses, bikes, boats, jet skis, caravans, planes, helicopters, workshop benches, you name it! Having a quality coating applied to your surface will ensure it remains easy to clean, stay cleaner longer, offer great chemical resistance from every day detergents to harsher acids and bird droppings, add fantastic gloss and slick feel, and outlast any traditional wax or paint sealant by a mile. Unlike waxes and sealants, Ceramic Coating forms a permanent bond with your vehicles surface by filling the pores with nanoparticles as opposed to sitting on top of the surface, making them much more durable …

Car Paint Correction

Paint correction is a modern-day terminology to replace the outdated “cut and polish” you may have heard of previously. Paint correction is a very thorough process of eliminating the various paint imperfections we come across on a daily basis, from light wash swirls and marring, water spot etching, acidic damage from bird droppings and tree sap, deep scratches, orange peel and texture reduction etc. A car paint correction done properly takes many hours of labor using various machines, pads and compounds to achieve as close to a flawless result as possible, leaving the surface and overall appearance of your vehicle looking like you have never seen it before. Rich colour depth, gloss, slick feel and beautiful reflections. The paint correction process forms the basis of our various protection methods once complete, from paint protection film, to ceramic paint protection or simple paint waxes and sealants.

Leather & Interior Protection

Coating the interior of your vehicle helps reduce and prevent UV damage to plastics and leather, resist stains and penetration of liquids into textiles and fabrics, making cleaning easier and preserving the factory look of all your interior materials without that horrible greasy and oily look of interior treatments from back in the day. Quality interior coatings are essentially invisible without altering the look, but offering great car interior protection for years to come.

Window Tint

Window tint not only looks great but offers excellent UV and heat reduction benefits for both your passengers and your interior trims. With our service of car window tinting in Adelaide, we only use quality films that don’t delaminate or discolour, ensuring you are protected for as long as you own your vehicle.

Wheel & Caliper Protection

Ceramic wheel protection will help protect your wheels from damaging brake dust that would otherwise bake onto the surface and cause damage. The Hydrophobic properties of the coating mean your wheels will stay cleaner for longer and be easier to clean as the surface will release light dirt and grime as the water beads up and rolls away. Keep your car looking pristine with our professional wheel & caliper protection services.